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CRH first to achieve Heart Failure Center Re-accreditation

Columbus -   Columbus Regional Hospital was recognized today as the first community based independent hospital to achieve Heart Failure Center Re-accreditation by the Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium in 2013.

The Colloquium has pioneered "continual accreditation" which requires hospitals to add additional heart failure services for their communities each year. Columbus Regional Hospital has launched a new effort at reducing sudden cardiac death for those with heart failure. Risk of sudden cardiac arrest is highest immediately after the diagnosis of heart failure and before treatment is medically optimized.

“As an independent community hospital, Columbus Regional has shown remarkable leadership serving their community with new heart failure programs,” said Tony Joseph, MD, President and CEO of the Colloquium. “We are delighted with Columbus Regional's innovative new program to reduce sudden cardiac death in heart failure. We hope other hospitals across the country adopt similar initiatives for their communities as well.”

“Columbus Regional Hospital integrates care for our hospitalized patients with their needs outside of our hospital’s walls when they return homes and their lives within or community,” said Barbara Hull, RN, Columbus Regional's Heart Failure Coordinator. “The sudden cardiac arrest initiative is part of our innovative heart failure care that covers the entire continuum. We truly believe we can be the best in the country at all we do.”

"Our team has demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering the best possible care for those who struggle with heart failure," said Caroline Sims, RN, PhD, Director of Nursing Education and Innovation at Columbus Regional Hospital. “It is a team of experts who truly respect one another's knowledge and skills as they work together closely to assure that resources are put into action to support the best possible quality of life for those we serve.”

The Colloquium's unique continual accreditation process builds on the member hospital's prior improvement experience leading to initial heart failure accreditation. Member hospitals work within four established domains of heart failure: Community, Hospital, Clinicians, and Science using the Colloquium's continuum of care model that leads to:

• An integration of heart failure care, from antecedents to early diagnosis and advanced care 
• Streamlined processes across the entire continuum of care beginning in the community 
• Enabling individuals to participate in their own care with more independence and less hospitalization 
• Collaboration with other Colloquium member hospitals across the country

The Healthcare Colloquium is the only accrediting body focused solely on Heart Failure Accreditation and is the only hospital membership organization providing accreditation. Experts from the various member hospitals develop accreditation criteria within four domains: Community, Hospital, Clinician, and Science collaboratively using process improvement methods. 

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