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Healthy Lifestyles

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To encourage Bartholomew County residents of all ages to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles through preventive and self care strategies in order to decrease chronic illness, encourage healthy behaviors and improve health status.

The Healthy Lifestyles Action Team works to increase the appropriate utilization of professional health care services through self-care education and support, especially as such care relates to healthy choices regarding nutrition and physical activity. The Healthy Lifestyles Action team is currently focused on three areas: safe routes to schools, community lifestyle challenge, and development of a community bike co-op.

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs use a comprehensive approach to make school routes safe for children to walk and bicycle. The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) Transportation Department, community leaders, and parents are working on improving routes at the schools in our community.

Healthy Habits For A Healthy Community

The Healthy Lifestyles action team has helped hundreds of Bartholomew County residents lose weight through various lifestyle challenges. Bartholomew County on the Move, Families on the Move, and the Mill Race Race events help the community take action to implement new healthy habits into their life.

School Health Index

The Healthy Lifestyles action team has worked with several elementary schools to complete the School Health Index assessment and action planning. These sessions involve teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and children at the schools. They provide an opportunity for the entire school to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies to implement and measure school health in areas of nutrition, physical activity, safety, and the school environment. Schools that complete the School Health Index receive small grants from Healthy Communities to assist with implementing action items identified during the process.

Kids on the Move

In December 2007 the kidscommons Children's Museum opened their "Kids on the Move" healthy lifestyles exhibit. The exhibit includes basketball, dance, biking, tug of war, jump rope, and space to learn games that can be played at home and outdoors.

Healthy Lifestyles Action Team Members

  • Steve Champion, MD, Co-Chair
  • David Rau, MD, Co-Chair
  • Kent Anderson
  • Chris Beach
  • Amparo Caudell
  • Nora Coleman
  • Kate Conner
  • Cindy Felsten
  • Kirk Freese
  • Laura Garrett
  • Joetta Heck
  • Laura Hurt
  • Tami Iorio, MD
  • Molly Marshall
  • Katie McAleese, MD
  • Katrina McGillivary, MD
  • Jackie Meinders
  • Nancy Millspaugh
  • Beth Morris
  • Bob Pitman
  • Kathy Rebber
  • Pam Smith
  • Rae-Leigh Stark
  • Rich Stenner
  • Susan Sublette
  • Tom Talbert
  • Sheila Taulman
  • Annie Tennis
  • Kelli Thompson
  • Pattie Wade
  • Ben Wagner
  • Gwen Wiggins

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