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Kidney Cancer: Statistics

Kidney Cancer: Statistics

Statistics show information about large groups of people. Because no 2 people are alike, statistics can't be used to predict what will happen to 1 person. But they can help you see a bigger picture. Here are some statistics about kidney cancer:

  • Kidney cancer is more common in men than in women.

  • In 2015, about 61,560 people in the U.S. will be told that they have kidney cancer. About 38,270 of these will be men. About 23,290 of these will be women.

  • Kidney cancer is more common in older people. It's not common in people under age 45. The average age of a person when they are diagnosed is 64.

  • About 14,080 people in the U.S. will die of kidney cancer in 2015.

Source:  American Cancer Society (ACS)