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Coping With Lung Diseases

Our Lung Institute provides the latest technology & innovative thinking for diagnosing and treating lung disease early

The Lung Institute at Columbus Regional Health is one of only a few institutes nationwide to offer an innovative approach to lung disease and lung cancer treatment. Learn about our Lung Screening Program.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact our lung specialist:

  • Dr. David Wilson
    (812) 376-5757
Coping With Lung Diseases

Everything we do at the Lung Institute begins and ends with our patients.

That's why at the Lung Institute we've combined all the lung disease diagnosis and treatment services into one location. Our concierge-style model is seamless and convenient, from our record keeping to post-treatment plans, allowing us to build trusting relationships and coordinated care. There is no other cancer facility in our region that can offer this type of lung disease diagnosis and treatment.

But, that's just the beginning.

Columbus Regional Health's Lung Institute is also the first Indiana hospital to use the inReach superDimension/Bronchus™ system along with Cellvizio® technology for the lung disease diagnosis and treatment. This minimally invasive technology allows our doctors to locate and biopsy lung lesions that were once too small and inaccessible with traditional methods and without the possible complications associated with traditional surgical biopsies. Similar to GPS (global positioning system) technology, this system provides a three-dimensional "roadmap" image of the lungs. Physicians use the virtual image to mark targeted lesions and later use an electromagnetic system to locate the lesions in real-time. What does this mean for you? It means that we are able to detect and diagnose lung cancer when the potential for cure is the greatest; providing you with the best possible outcome and treatments.

Dr. David Wilson
, MD, pulmonologist and critical care specialist at Columbus Regional Health, was among the first physicians in the country to use this diagnostic technology, the first of its kind for lung cancer treatment. And we use it more than any other hospital in the world.