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Wound Center

Columbus Regional Health's recently expanded Wound Center now includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine for chronic and non-healing wounds. In addition, the Wound Center includes physicians and nurses trained as specialists in wound healing treatment and Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine. The addition of nursing staff allows for individualized case management at each visit and access to the physician on a regular basis, which allows for more extensive wound treatment to accelerate the healing process. Woundcare services include, but are not limited to debridement, bioengineered skin substitutes, VAC therapy, and total contact casting.

Columbus Regional Health's Wound Center is located within the hospital's 10th Street Outpatient Services location (at the intersection of 10th Street and Schnier Drive.)

The Center's Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room has two hyperbaric chambers with the capacity to expand to three chambers. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which is administered on a daily basis, allows a patient to breathe 100 percent oxygen (2-3 times greater than atmospheric pressure). The increased oxygen in the tissue creates the optimal environment for the body's natural healing processes to repair damaged tissue. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is effective in treatment of diabetic wounds of the lower extremities, radiation injury, infection of the bone and other wound types.

The Wound Center also offers a Limb Preservation Program. This program is one of only a few such programs in Indiana and specializes in treatment of patients with vascular disease or diabetes who are at risk for leg and foot amputation.  

Our Wound Center Physicians include:

For more information on the Columbus Regional Health Wound Center call 812-376-5373.

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