How to Stave Off Pandemic Fatigue

by Delilah Newton | Mar 10, 2021

Masks, sanitizer, cleaning supply shortages … we get it, it’s a lot. And some of us have had enough. Whether you call it coronavirus burnout or pandemic fatigue, it’s real — and it’s affecting our health and our ability to stop the virus.

Simply put, pandemic fatigue refers to being fed up with following COVID-19 safety recommendations. It creeps up slowly and can make us feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unmotivated. (Sound familiar?)

But even though the prolonged stress of living with COVID-19 is exhausting, we can’t lower our guard. With the virus continuing to circulate in communities, it’s time to fight back against pandemic fatigue. Here’s how:

Get Social
Closures and work-from-home mandates may have us interacting with others less, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our need for connection. In fact, maintaining positive personal relationships is key to building resilience and supporting our mental health. Check in regularly with loved ones and continue to plan online hangouts or socially distanced outings with friends. 

Hone In On Health
We’ve all seen the memes about COVID-19 weight gain, binge drinking and marathon screen time. But it’s no laughing matter — the pandemic has seriously disrupted our routines. To get back on track, use this extra time at home to focus on positive self-care. Try new nutritious recipes, get plenty of exercise and prioritize quality sleep. Healthy habits are proven to boost mood and energy levels, not to mention strengthen the immune system.

Refresh Your Efforts
Remember how diligent you were about handwashing and social distancing at the beginning of the pandemic? Try to bring those habits back. While it’s natural to become a little complacent over time, the virus is still very much a problem. Help reduce transmission by hitting reset on your safety focus. 

Control What You Can
It can be frustrating to watch others disregard safety guidelines while you choose to forego activities and sacrifice time with loved ones. But don’t be tempted to steer off course. Know that your efforts to stop the virus from spreading are worth it. Ultimately, you can only control your own actions. Be proud of them.

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