Plenty of Care Options Await Pregnant Moms and New Babies

by Delilah Newton | Dec 01, 2021

In Columbus we have three fantastic groups through Columbus Regional Health that take care of pregnant patients- Sandcrest Family Medicine, Southern Indiana OB/GYN, and OB/GYN Associates

At Sandcrest, in addition to providing primary care for all ages, our physicians are trained in managing pregnancies and delivering babies. This gives you the option to see a doctor who can care for your entire family. We love helping families through pregnancy and delivery with a personalized touch, and it’s a joy to watch newborns grow up into heathy children.

Depending on your preferences, one benefit of choosing prenatal care with Sandcrest Family Medicine is that we love to deliver our own patients. Our shared call schedule provides a back-up system when one of us is out of town, but in general, we work hard to see our own patients through delivery and beyond. If you choose to also have your newborn cared for by your Sandcrest Family Physician, we can see them in the hospital. We would also have several appointments for your baby before your 6 week postpartum appointment. This provides extra contact points if you are struggling with any postpartum concerns.

It’s important to know that Sandcrest’s family physicians are trained to care for low to
moderate risk pregnancies and vaginal deliveries, and we work with our patients through labor with the goal of having a safe vaginal delivery. In the rare circumstances when a C-section is needed or another high risk complication requires extra assistance, we consult our OB colleagues. Also, if you have a history of a C-section, it’s recommended to see an OB/GYN for prenatal care. 

We always encourage you to see your doctor before pregnancy when possible, so we can help you plan to have a healthier, happier pregnancy even before conception. If you are newly pregnant (or plan to be soon) and have an interest in learning more about family medicine with obstetrics, please give us a call at (812) 373-2700 or visit Dr. Porter, Dr. Murray, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Booth are all
accepting new OB patients.

Erin Cole, MD
Sandcrest Family Medicine
3203 Middle Road, Columbus, IN 47203

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