Triage Center Helping Those With Questions, Concerns

Nurses talking on telephones in a COVID-19 Triage Resource Call Center.

The CRH COVID-19 Triage Resource Center was established to provide our community with trained nurses ready to answer calls on questions and concerns regarding COVID-19.

In addition to directing people where to go for help, the Center’s nurses offer education, promoting physical distancing, frequent handwashing, drinking plenty of water, and instructing people on what to do if a family member gets sick. 

Tere Kaufman

Tere Kaufman

Columbus Regional Health Quality Assurance Manager Tere Kaufman, who is the manager over the Center, shared the following example of a staff member reassuring a concerned elderly gentleman who called:

He was not sure what symptoms to look for and what to do if he got sick.  [One of our nurses] spent a good deal of time reassuring him and helping him to recognize symptoms of COVID and how varied the symptoms were. 

She instructed him in hand hygiene, cleaning surfaces frequently, drinking plenty of water, and to call back if he had more questions.

Triage Resource Center nurses are answering up to 300 calls each day, and many of those calls are from individuals who want to know if they need to be seen, what to do with family members who have symptoms, what they can do to prevent getting COVID-19, and if they can be tested.

Calls have come from throughout Indiana, with one as far as West Virginia.

In addition to providing leadership at the Center on a daily basis, Tere was part of the team to get the Center up and running and has also written protocols and trains staff daily. 

“I am extremely proud of the work Tere has done. She has selfishly given of her time to make this a wonderful asset to our community,” said Director of Practice Operations Jeryll Macdonald.

“It took long hours, multiple meetings, cooperation across the health system, and a dedication to assisting all who call to get the Center up and running in a short timeframe.”

In addition to her leadership role, Tere has also taken on the role of self-described “class comedian” – a person we could all use in our corner during these challenging times.

“I have taught folks the Foot Shake dance and generally clown to make them laugh,” Tere said.

She and others have also provided food and drinks on a regular basis for staff during the busy days.

We are proud of the great work this group is doing and the service they are providing to our community!

Community members with concerns or questions about potential exposure or symptoms of COVID-19 should call the Triage Resource Center at 812-379-4449. 

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