Service Award Recipient: Kim Sallee, Inventory Coordinator, Distribution Services – 30 Years

Kim SalleeKim Sallee’s job is “all numbers.” As Inventory Coordinator in Distribution Services, Kim’s job is to help make sure there is always an adequate supply of disposable products for the Surgery and Sterile Processing departments. From the company numbers on products, to the specific number assigned by the distributor, and the CRH internal number given to the product, “it’s numbers all day, but I enjoy that,” Kim said. 

This year, Kim celebrates a pretty big number in her career – her 30-year Service Award. 

In addition to enjoying numbers, Kim also enjoys the people she has worked with over the last 30 years. She said their help and support has allowed her to get to where she is today in the company, and she’s grateful for that. “I think that’s something that speaks to CRH – not only my customer, but my leadership giving me the opportunity to be where I am. That saying ‘they promote within’ definitely worked out for me,” she said. 

Kim has stayed at CRH for 30 years for many reasons, among them was Administration’s response to the 2008 flood. Kim said employees being taken care of, despite the hospital being closed for many months, meant a lot. She added that many CRH team members also helped those in the community whose houses flooded. The flood response, she said, really brought people together. “That was a very hard time, but with the hospital supporting every employee, I thought was a great thing,” Kim said. But the flood response is only one of many reasons Kim likes working at CRH. “The hospital has been very good to me,” she said, adding that her co-workers have also been very supportive and encouraging over the last three decades. “Without all these people, I wouldn’t be sitting where I am,” she said. “I’m very thrilled to be here at CRH.”

Kim, we’re thrilled you’ve been part of the CRH team for 30 years! Congratulations on your Service Award!

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