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Columbus Community

Our community: Creative and Entrepreneurial

The beauty of southern Indiana is known throughout the world. We are proud to be in a community that has not only received many awards, but displays some of the finest architecture in the world. City of Columbus - the architectural capital located just south of Indianapolis in Bartholomew County, is a dynamic city with award winning schools, thriving businesses and family oriented neighborhoods. The city is committed to preserving its vitality through controlled expansion and prudent planning. More than 50 public and private buildings, including Columbus Regional Hospital, comprise the most concentrated collection of contemporary architecture in the world.

Architecture and Art

Columbus has been ranked 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design by the American Institute of Architects. Now you can Explore Columbus architecture on your own schedule with your cell phone by purchasing a set of keepsake cards only for $ 10.

Talent and Education

            Columbus is taking a fresh approach to learning. Columbus was the first city in US to adopt the news Tech-Project-Based-Learning model across all educational levels called the Columbus Signature academy. The city is a hotbed for talents resulting in greater opportunities. To make these connections the community created Columbus Young Professional (CYP). CYP's goal is to provide social networking, professional development and community advocacy to young professionals throughout Columbus. Find out more at

                    Columbus aspires to be an inclusive plug - and - play community where outsiders can quickly become insiders. To further these ideas, city has created the Columbus Area Multi-Ethnic Association (CAMEO), a broad based coalition of ethnic associations which coordinates the activities that advances the concept of "welcoming community" and promotes an appreciation of the traditions and customs of residents of all ethnic cultures. CRH has joined CAMEO as a Partner member. Visit CAMEO's website at

Gardens and Landscape
                    Columbus has also been recognized as "best of the best" for landscaped areas and design. An Inviting Downtown Streetscape, Mill race: A Park heralded around the nation, Cummins corporate office, North Christian church, People trails: nineteen miles of people power are some of the brilliant examples.

Some of the Newest Discoveries

Columbus Commons
• Columbus Commons is a critical component of invigorating our downtown with lively entertainment and activities aimed at drawing people from all facets of the community to live, work and play. To get notifications on all the festivities surrounding the opening of The Commons, visit

Miller House and Gardens
• Miller House and Garden, the National Historic Landmark is one of the country's most highly regarded examples of mid-century modernist residences. It's one of the finest expressions of American modernism, an integration of house and landscape that draws upon historical precedents without repeating them, enfolding them in a compelling composition of forms and spaces that captures the genius of its designers, the aspirations of its owners, and the spirit of their time. Learn more at
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