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Innovative Actions

Innovation has always called Columbus, Indiana home. And so it's probably no surprise that at Columbus Regional Hospital, it pulls up a chair at literally every meeting we have. We believe simply this: Innovations such as the Early Warning System and the Cellvezio technology improves our patients' results. And here, there's nothing more important than that.

Innovation saves lives. Innovation lowers costs. Innovation shortens recovery time and reduces pain. But there's just one thing: Innovation is never, ever satisfied. Below are some examples of how we are thinking beyond at Columbus Regional Health.

Early Warning System For Patient Care

Nurses and staff at Columbus Regional Hospital figured out how to analyze past patient data in a different way. The result is an Early Warning System that helps with patient care. It pinpoints very ill patients before their condition deteriorates and sends the information to portable, handheld devices alerting specially-trained care teams in time to head off critical consequences. The Early Warning System, coupled with other innovations, has led to a reduction in cardiac/respiratory arrests, reduction in Critical Care Unit mortality and improved the care of our Congestive Heart Failure patients.

Innovation straightens out a turn for the worse before it ever happens. Innovation is saving lives. Hospitals from across the country have sent teams here to learn how.

Early Detection of Lung Disease

Innovation has always been at the forefront of the CRH Lung Institute. Our Lung Institute is the first Indiana hospital to use the superDimension/Bronchus system for the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of lung disease. In fact, we've performed more procedures utilizing this technology than any other institution in the United States. Coupled with innovative Cellvezio technology, our Lung physicians can reach areas of the lungs in a way that was never before possible. With earlier diagnosis, specific therapy for lung cancer can be started sooner at a more treatable stage.

Innovation Clears Blocked Arteries Faster

We recently opened a new cardiovascular cath imaging suite at Columbus Regional Hospital. This expansion of our
heart and vascular service is a significant investment in better cardiovascular outcomes and patient care. Using the latest imaging technology, our team of heart physicians and specialists can now perform a wider range of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular procedures, and interventional cardiology procedures for the non-surgical treatment of heart attacks. We are the only heart hospital in our 10-county service area equipped to do non-surgical interventions for heart attack sufferers any time of the day or night.

Innovation Encourages You To Understay Your Welcome

Our Joint and Spine Center is a refinement of a national model that improves the experience of our patients. Using an innovative approach to joint replacement and treatment of spinal conditions, our patients go home almost two days earlier than the national average, experience low complication rates, and have excellent results.

Free Valet Parking

At Columbus Regional Hospital we understand that a stay or visit to our hospital can be a stressful experience for our patients and their families. To help with quicker access to our hospital and services we provide free valet parking. Especially in emergency situations, when every minute counts, taking time to find a parking space can be overwhelming. That is why innovation has stationed valet service at our emergency department entrance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the middle of the night or during a snowstorm, we are there to assist you.

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