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Innovation Center

"The Innovation Center is the place where we create, adapt, and test ideas to deliver smarter healthcare."
- Lynne Maguire, Chief Strategy Officer

At Columbus Regional Health, we are taking systematic steps to evolve the way we deliver healthcare. For the past several years, innovation has been a central strategy for moving CRH forward.

From the ways we save on energy costs, to the ways we deliver medicine to our patients, to the ways we detect cancer earlier than ever, innovation fuels our continued progress.

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Innovation Report

"If there is a better way, we will find it, and we will implement it."
- Jim Bickel, Chief Executive Officer

After studying, visiting and engaging with other organizations known for quality and innovation, we have trained and empowered every member of our staff to become a source of innovation.

Learn more about how people, places, projects, processes and partners are making CRH patient care better.

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Intentional Innovation

By creating a system that analyzes past patient data, we are now able to identify patients at risk before their condition deteriorates, and send this important information to care teams in time to head off critical consequences.

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Innovation Scorecard

Information Drives Innovation

in Action

David Wilson, MD is pioneering innovation that is leading to the earlier detection of lung disease.

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Caroline Sims - Director of Nursing Education and Clinical Simulation

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