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CRH Innovation Center

The Innovation Center at Columbus Regional Hospital


"The Innovation Center is the place where we create, adapt, and test ideas to deliver smarter healthcare."

    - Lynne Maguire, Chief Strategy Officer

The healthcare industry is being asked to do more than ever before. At Columbus Regional Health, we are taking systematic steps to evolve the way we deliver healthcare. 

For the past several years, innovation has been a central strategy to moving CRH forward. We innovate in everything we do, from the way we serve soda in the cafeteria to the way we deliver medication to our patients. Innovation helps us deliver the best care in the most efficient and effective way - and that is how we distinguish ourselves from our competition.

"When we talk about innovation we mean the process of using new ideas to make something better and solve problems," said Lynne Maguire, Vice President of Planning & Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer. "Sometimes it is to make something new, and sometimes it is to improve an existing process."

As a catalyst for continuous innovation, we constructed an Innovation Center.  Our Innovation Center gives us the space where we work to make the delivery of healthcare more compassionate, less complicated, more affordable, more predictable and always state of the art.

By merging Lean/Six Sigma,clinical simulation and education in a shared physical space, and adding design thinking tools and trained facilitators we are able to create and adopt best practices quicker.

The Innovation Center was designed to create a special experience for everyone who uses the space. The open floor plans and state of the art technology inspire and facilitate all our workforce in cutting edge problem solving. This is where we strive to think beyond the usual and expected.

The process starts with identifying an opportunity for improvement, followed by hands-on collaboration, new process testing and eventual best-practice implementation with the ultimate goal of making healthcare delivery better for every patient and their families. 

"For us, it's all about value. How do we add value to our patients, our patient families, our communities, and our employees," said Doug Sabotin, Director of Lean Sigma.

Innovation has always felt right at home here. We're delighted it's getting some new space to exercise.

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