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New Clinically Integrated Network Introduced

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) and Schneck Medical Center (SMC) have joined forces to create a new partnership called inSPIRE Health Partners. inSPIRE Health Partners (inSPIRE) is a collaboration among the two hospitals, local physicians, and other healthcare providers who will work together to improve population health, deliver a better patient experience, and provide more affordable care. As part of inSPIRE, participating providers will agree to take responsibility for patients’ comprehensive healthcare needs, both inside and outside of the hospital.

inSPIRE is an acronym in which “in” represents both the location of the networks’ founding members and clinical providers, Indiana, and the fact that the organization intends to function as a clinically integrated network. “SPIRE” is intended to convey both the vision of inSPIRE, to provide the best community-based healthcare, as well as the values that the inSPIRE health network is built upon:

Service (to our patients and our communities)
Innovation (value-based)
Results (in regard to continuously moving healthcare forward)
Excellence (in terms of patient experience and clinical outcomes)

Why was inSPIRE Health Partners formed?
Our nation’s healthcare system is at a critical crossroads.  The current growth rate of healthcare costs in the U.S. is unsustainable and poses a serious threat to our nation’s financial integrity. At the same time, measured levels of healthcare quality are well below those of other industrialized nations. At the community level, an increasing number of families and businesses are being put at financial risk in order to obtain the healthcare services that they need for their relatives or employees. CRH, SMC, and their communities’ physicians have always been committed to providing their patients with the highest quality of healthcare services. Therefore we feel that transitioning our local healthcare delivery system into a more effective, efficient, and sustainable model is critical for the wellbeing of our patients, employers, and communities.

In order to effect a positive change in our local healthcare delivery system, CRH, SMC, local physicians, and other healthcare providers are collaborating in the development of inSPIRE Health Partners. inSPIRE is a local, community-based provider network intended to coordinate care across providers and result in safer, higher-quality, more cost-efficient care. A coordinated approach to healthcare makes it easier for physicians to effectively manage the healthcare needs of both individuals and populations of patients. In addition, increased coordination will help patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or congestive heart failure, become more educated on their conditions and more capable of participating in the management of their diseases. This can lead to healthier patients with a better quality of life.

 “As members of inSPIRE, CRH and Schneck are committed to transform our communities’ healthcare delivery model,” said Jim Bickel, CRH president and CEO. “Care will be patient-centered focusing on engagement, satisfaction, and shared accountability for health outcomes. This approach ensures that patients will get the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, and in the most cost-effective manner.”

 “The most important aspect of the inSPIRE collaboration is enabling optimal patient care within our communities. We owe this to our patients but, in addition, a healthier, happier population should have a positive impact on our communities as a whole,” said Gary A. Meyer, President/CEO of SMC. “As two of the major employers within our communities, CRH and SMC are acutely aware that a healthy population provides both a direct benefit to our patients and an indirect benefit to our communities’ employers. Aligning the efforts of physicians and the hospitals, coordinating care, enabling population health, educating and engaging patients, quantifiably measuring value, and striving to continuously improve performance through inSPIRE will provide our patients and communities’ employers with access to a higher value healthcare system that ultimately should result in a more productive, more satisfied workforce.”

How will patient care be transformed through inSPIRE Health Partners?
Historically our country’s healthcare system has been disjointed. The sharing of clinical information and coordination of services has tended to be suboptimal.  This has led to situations where the care provided to patients has been prone to excessive costs, insufficient access, inferior outcomes and poor patient satisfaction.
As part of inSPIRE, primary care and specialty physicians affiliated with SMC and CRH will be working together to coordinate patient care across all settings. In addition, inSPIRE physicians will be adopting health information technologies that will foster a more holistic view of their patients. This will allow clinicians to provide more proactive and patient-centered care. As a result, inSPIRE physicians will be more prepared not only to treat illness and injury than ever before but will also be enabled to truly work together to keep their patients well.

 “As a physician, I am excited about the development of inSPIRE. inSPIRE’s goal to deliver seamless care that results in superior patient experiences and outcomes is perfectly aligned with why I chose to practice medicine. In my opinion, this reflects the physician driven nature of the organization. I think inSPIRE will be of significant benefit to patients in terms of better outcomes and patient satisfaction. In addition, I expect inSPIRE will increase convenience by streamlining paperwork and avoiding redundant testing,” said Dr. Eric Fish, practicing obstetrician and gynecologist and Chairman of the inSPIRE Board of Managers.

Practicing general surgeon and inSPIRE Board of Managers representative, Dr. Michael Dorenbusch added, “inSPIRE will benefit my colleagues and me by providing physicians with the support and information required to continuously improve the quality of care that we provide to patients both in the inpatient and practice-based settings. A coordinated, patient-centered system that is focused on prevention and wellness will ultimately result in a healthier population and lower medical costs. That’s good for individuals, families, employers, doctors, and our communities as a whole.”


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