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CRH cafeteria offers healthy option

Columbus -  

The Columbus Regional Hospital Cafeteria now offers a daily healthy meal option at a reduced price. The Healthy Meal will be served Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner at a cost of $4.49, or $3.59 for hospital employees.

"In planning the healthy meal, we felt it was important to offer the healthy choice at a reduced price because research indicates that differential pricing - pricing healthy options lower than unhealthy choices - increases the likelihood that individuals will select the healthier choice", says Molly Marshall, RD, Healthy Communities Nutrition Specialist.

Healthy Meals meet the following nutritional guidelines:
• Max 600 calories
• Max 35% calories from total fat
• Max 10% calories from saturated fat
• Less than 1000mg sodium/meal

The healthy meal will be indicated by signage depicting the following sprout symbol:

"My staff is excited and proud to offer a daily healthy meal," says Columbus Regional Hospital Food Services Manager, Patti Wade, RD, CD, "We want to make it easy for people to make the healthy choice. Now people won't have to wonder how many calories or how much sodium, for example, are in a particular item. If they see the sprout, they'll know it meets our healthy meal standards".

On the menu for the first healthy meal (served April 27): Pork chop, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and choice of whole fruit.


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