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Flood wall complete

Columbus -  

Click the following link to watch a video of our flood wall testing:

Columbus Regional Health officials recently tested one of the 15 flood gates that surround the hospital.

The flood gates, located at each pedestrian and vehicle entrance, are an integral part of the flood wall that now surrounds the hospital. These gates are water activated and will rise when flood waters fill an underground basin. No human intervention is needed to activate the gates.

The recently completed CRH flood wall surrounds the hospital at a height of two feet above the 100-year flood level, established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Construction of the flood wall began in June 2011 as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency mandated flood mitigation project. This project was a result of mitigation efforts following the flood of 2008 that caused $171 million of damage to the hospital. FEMA paid for the $4.7 million flood wall.

In addition to protecting the hospital, the flood wall provides a protected, dry space for safe evacuation. The hospital’s helipad is located in this safe space.

The wall is made up of eight inches of limestone covered with a brick façade to match the hospital’s exterior. Moving from the south to the north side of the hospital campus the wall varies significantly in height because of a substantial elevation difference.

BSA Life Structures designed the wall and Rollins Construction, of Indianapolis, built the wall.

In addition to the flood wall, CRH has taken other steps to protect the hospital from future flooding including filling in the below-grade loading dock.


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