Sep 4, 2018

See One of Our New Nuclear Medicine Suites

Nuclear Medicine Suite

Columbus Regional Health's new Nuclear Medicine Department opened in July and is located near the Emergency Department. The rooms feature new state-of-the-art equipment – the Siemens Evo, which is a SPECT camera, and an Intevo, which is a SPECT camera that has a CT scanner attached to it. SPECT stands for Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography.

Director of Imaging Services Bill Algee said that CRH has the only SPECT-CT in the region. This enables the team to take, when necessary, nuclear medicine images that look at functionality and overlay them on top of CT images, so they can get a more detailed, defined location of where a patient is having issues. Previously the team conducted nuclear medicine studies with a gamma camera. Both rooms feature programmable lighting and sound to enhance patient experience and reduce anxiety.