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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Help from healthcare experts

If you’ve struggled with your weight, there is a good chance you’ve already tried several different diets and programs.

You know the frustration of fluctuating numbers on the scale, and feeling hungry or tired all the time without seeing much progress.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss (MSWL) is a non-surgical option that’s been shown to work for many people.

This differs from other programs because with MSWL you’ll have a team of professionals trained in the field of weight loss guiding you through each step of the process.

We’ll create a customized plan based on your specific health profile and abilities.

How it works

After an initial screening process, you will undergo a thorough evaluation including medical history, diet history and social history. You will be scheduled for additional testing based on your assessment needs. We will work with you to develop a plan of action specific to your needs, using a three-pronged approach:

  • Exercise – Your level of physical ability is measured and an exercise regimen is tailored to your needs.
  • Behavior modification – We use a treatment approach which provides basic learning techniques for the purpose of altering unwanted behaviors and allowing positive life changes.
  • Nutrition & diet – We help patients understand what constitutes a healthy diet, and customize a plan for your specific nutritional needs and preferences.

What you need to know

Medically supervised weight loss includes regular visits following your initial evaluation. Our team will give you the skills and encouragement you need to make a long-term commitment to eating properly and exercising.

Whether you are just looking to slim down to shape up or are struggling with obesity and need to make a major life change, MSWL provides a safe and healthy way to lose weight with the careful monitoring and support of a team of specialized doctors, nurses and nutritionists.

For those of you opting for bariatric surgery, MSWL is an excellent option to demonstrate weight loss progress for qualifying purposes under most insurance policies.


  • Advice and guidance from doctors, nurses & dieticians
  • Non-surgical
  • Personalized plans to effectively lose weight
  • Many insurance plans will cover
  • Effective outcomes at a low cost
  • No supplements needed
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Attend An Info Session

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Online Info Session

Our online information session will introduce you to our program and guide you through the options for Medically Supervised Weight Loss.

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Exercise Program

Patients of the Weight Loss institute will work with members of our team to assess medical and nutritional needs as well as interest in exercise and their current physical activity level.

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Read our FAQ page for Medically Supervised Weight Loss.

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