Feb 15, 2023

Female Physician Spotlight: Loren Murray, MD, Sandcrest Family Medicine

hurst-loren-11In recognition of National Women Physicians Day, we are spotlighting some of our fantastic female physicians this month. This week we are featuring Loren Murray, MD.

Dr. Loren Murray enjoys being outdoors – including in the sky. A family medicine physician at Sandcrest Family Medicine, when Dr. Murray interviewed for her position, she was treated to a flight to and from the interview by Dr. Slade Crowder, who was then a physician at the practice and owns a small plane.

Having a passion for science, Dr. Murray was originally interested in pursuing a career in medical research until she had an internship in college at a pulmonary biology lab that included shadowing physicians one day a week. “It was then that I decided I was more interested in clinical medicine than in research,” she said. “I liked the interaction with patients.”

Originally from Hudson, Ohio, Dr. Murray graduated from the University Of Toledo College Of Medicine in Toledo, Ohio, in 2008, and completed her residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana. Upon completion of her residency, Dr. Murray looked at family medicine positions all over the country. She was looking for a group of physicians she could both work together and be friends with, and she found that in Sandcrest Family Medicine. “Sandcrest had a great group of physicians who worked together to share call in a way that allowed me to fulfill what I envisioned in doing family medicine with ob and caring for the whole family, while balancing time with family and personal interests,” she said. It also didn’t hurt being flown in a plane to and from the interview. “Getting a personal flight to my interview, and doing acrobatics in the plane on the way home, was also a selling point,” said Dr. Murray. 

Dr. Murray loves getting to know her patients and caring for their whole families – from babies to grandparents. “It’s a privilege to be trusted by my patients with their health needs, and I enjoy being able to educate and empower them to improve their own health,” she said.

When not working, Dr. Murray enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and other outdoor activities with her husband and 3-1/2-year-old daughter.