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With bariatric surgery, it's about more than just weight loss. Bariatric surgery can lead to positive health outcomes and reduction in many co-morbities, including the resolution of Type II Diabetes.

  • After Bariatric Surgery, Type II Diabetes is resolved in 76.8% of patients. They have normal Hemoglobin A1c and are off diabetes medications.
  • Resolution of Diabetes often occurs within days of bariatric surgery even before any significant weight loss.
  • In patients with Diabetes and BMI >35, treatment with Bariatric Surgery led to diabetes remission rates of 85%. Treatment with Medical Therapy led to remission rate of zero.
  • American Diabetes Association recommends Bariatric Surgery be considered for adults with Type II Diabetes with BMI >35, especially if comorbidities have been difficult to control with lifestyle and medical treatment.

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