Looking Forward

For Our Next 100: 2017 and Beyond

As we take the opportunity this year to reflect on a century of caring and service to our community and region, we are honored to admire the past, celebrate where we are today and excitedly look forward to the future. We remain committed to our mission to improve the health and well-being of those we have the privilege to serve and to our vision to be your health and wellness partner for life. Fulfilling our mission and vision require constant attention and focus on providing the highest quality of care and services across our health system each and every day. Columbus Regional Health respects and treasured its role and impact on the quality of life and economic strength in our community.

Looking back over the last “100 Years of Caring” provides us with a reason to recognize and celebrate, yet it also shows that we must always be prepared for new opportunities and challenges. Even so, the caring and compassion Columbus Regional Health retains for our community, our workforce and our patients will remain constant. Thank you for the privilege to serve you and the trust you place in all of us at Columbus Regional Health.