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Comprehensive Breast Services

We have transformed our breast care services to encompass all you need in one convenient location.

Our program includes screening mammograms, breast surgery, radiation and medical oncology services and cosmetic/reconstructive surgery techniques with a focus on breast conservation.

While the majority of breast screenings don’t require treatment, our multidisciplinary team, led by Dr. Carlos Vieira, is ready when needed to provide a full-range of services with the support of our experienced staff providing compassionate care for our patients.

If you have family history of cancer and dense breast, we offer high risk assessment to determine your lifetime risk of breast cancer.

Meet Our Fellowship-Trained Breast Surgeon

Carlos Vieira, MD, FACS, is the only fellowship-trained breast surgeon in southeastern Indiana. He specializes in the most up-to-date care and treatment of breast diseases.

Dr. Vieria is passionate about helping women find the best outcomes, and he believes in promoting research initiatives and innovation to improve women’s health in the fight against breast cancer.

After practicing general surgery and breast surgery for 15 years on the south side of Indianapolis, Dr. Vieira completed his fellowship training at Northwestern University in Chicago. We are excited to welcome him to Columbus Regional Health.

Dr. Vieira works closely with our certified mammography and ultrasound technologists, nurse navigators, board-certified radiologists, and our medical and radiation oncologists to provide comprehensive breast care services.

Dr. Vieira practices at Columbus Regional Health Breast Surgery located on the hospital campus at 2326 18th Street, Suite 230. He can be reached in his office at 812-376-5710.

Screening Technology

The earlier breast cancer is found, the more treatment options are available, including MammoSite, advanced technology for targeted radiation therapy. At the Breast Health Center, we also have at our disposal the full range of diagnostic capabilities available to doctors today:

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  • 3D Digital Mammography is advanced technology that allows breast tissue to be viewed in several, very thin layers, providing sharper, clearer views of breast tissue. A 3D mammogram, also known as Digital Tomosynthesis or "tomo," takes multiple X-ray pictures of each breast from many angles. The breast is positioned the same way it is in a conventional mammogram, and a little pressure (compression) is still applied — discomfort is minimal for most women. This new technology makes it easier to see dense breast tissue and makes breast exams more detailed and better able to distinguish abnormalities.
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  • Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is an advanced imaging tool that is used when more detail is needed. Breast MRI is not a replacement for mammography but rather supplements the information provided by mammography.
  • Genetic Testing and Counseling (BRCA) is offered by oral swab to patients who meet guidelines based on personal or family history, indicating a higher risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. The test is offered to identified patients within Columbus Regional Health Breast Surgery. 
  • Ultrasound Imaging can determine whether a breast abnormality is a fluid-filled cyst or solid mass and may be used in addition to a screening mammogram. Ultrasound imaging delivers no radiation, therefore posing no risk to women who may be pregnant.

Having all of these options means good news for patients, as we are now catching problems earlier and earlier, enabling us to more effectively prevent the spread of cancer. Better tools and promising new drug therapies also help us help treat and stop cancer, if you have been diagnosed.

Expert Staff, Top-Notch Facility

Our staff consists of kind, caring and passionate people who are only focused on breast health. We want you to feel comfortable, and we want to assist you in any way possible. We understand the special fears and anxieties women have about mammography and breast cancer. Here, you will never feel like a number. The atmosphere is relaxed, and we will meet with you in private consulting and exam rooms. You will not be rushed, and you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.

Our tireless efforts on behalf of women in this community also include outreach activities like workplace and clinical screening programs, communication with area medical practices, partnerships with community clinics, and educational programming. 

Total Care

At our Breast Health Center we understand the fears and anxieties that women have about mammography and breast cancer.

In order to help you feel at ease, we offer an extraordinary experience in a relaxing atmosphere with private consulting and exam rooms where our staff can answer your questions.

The American Cancer Society recommends all women should begin having yearly mammograms by age 45. However, women with a family history of breast cancer should talk with their primary care provider and consider having screenings earlier.

An annual mammogram is key in the fight against breast cancer. Mammography can identify an abnormal breast mass as much as two years before it can be detected by touch.

Don’t delay your screening. Contact us at 812-376-5064 or use our online appointment request form to schedule your mammogram. You will receive the highest-quality care, using the latest technology, provided by our caring, passionate staff to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Do you have signs or symptoms of breast cancer? Find out what to watch for and learn about breast cancer screening guidelines using the helpful links below.

Symptoms and Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Coordinated Cancer Treatment

Our cancer care team includes radiation oncologists and medical oncologists who work together to provide comprehensive breast cancer care. They will work with you to determine the best treatment option and answer all of your questions to make sure you are comfortable with your plan of care. 

Mammograms and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Frequently asked questions brochure about mammograms and the COVID-19 vaccine.  

Unsure about how the COVID-19 vaccine may affect your mammogram results? 

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3D Mammography Exams

2d vs 3d mammography comparison

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Looking at slices from the 3D mammogram exam, the doctor can now determine if the tissue is in fact normal breast tissue creating the illusion of an abnormal area. In situations like these patients likely avoid a callback for an additional mammogram.

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3D "Tomo"

Buffy's Story - Surviving Breast Cancer

Buffy's story thumbnail.

Columbus resident and daycare owner Buffy Shelton was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late summer of 2020. She discusses her positive experiences with breast surgeon Dr. Carlos Vieira and the staff at Columbus Regional Health Breast Surgery.

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