Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to register at Columbus Regional Hospital?

You should enter at the hospital's main entrance, located off Hawcreek Avenue. The Registration Department is located next to the front lobby Information Desk. Use the free valet parking service.

What will happen once I arrive at the Registration Area?

Please go to the reception desk. If a receptionist is not present, go directly to the registration desk located behind the reception desk.

If you arrive at the registration area after 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, after 12 p.m. on Saturday, or all day on Sunday, you will see a sign in the waiting area directing you to ring the doorbell located on the desk. After ringing the bell, please have a seat and someone will come to the desk to assist you.

If you are here for outpatient testing, a registration clerk will process your paperwork. You will need to provide your insurance card and requisition from your physician (if available). You will then be asked to sign a Condition of Services form and will receive a patient's rights letter. You will then be sent to your appropriate testing area.

If you are to be admitted as an inpatient, you will be transported to your designated nursing unit and registration paperwork will be completed on the unit. You will be asked to sign a Condition of Service form, as well as receive a patient's rights letter and information regarding Advance Directives. (If you have an Advance Directive, please bring a copy so it may become a part of your medical record.)

Do I need to go to the Registration Area if I am here for a surgical procedure?

No. If you are here for a surgical procedure, you should proceed directly to the Surgery Waiting Room. Enter the hospital at the Main Entrance, turn right and proceed to the main elevators next to the Gift Shop.  Take the elevator to the second floor. Turn right after you exit the elevators and follow the second floor hallway to the Surgery Waiting Room which is located on the right. You will want to notify the volunteer at the desk when you arrive in the Surgery Waiting Room area.

Do I need to go to the Registration Area if I am scheduled to be seen in Preadmission Testing?

No. If you have been scheduled for Preadmission Testing, you should go directly to Preadmission Testing Area which is located on the first floor of the hospital next to the Lung Institute.

Yes. If you have not been scheduled to be seen in the Preadmission Testing area, you should report to the main Registration Department adjacent to the front lobby Information Desk.

What are the hours of the Registration Department?

The Registration Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What if I have additional questions about registration at Columbus Regional Hospital?

Patient Registration is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the registration process. Please call 812-375-3718.