Valet service assisting visitor

Patient Visitation

In all settings, visitors must be 14 years of age or older, with exceptions in the Birthing Center and Pediatrics. The visitor guidelines for each hospital area will be as follows:

Tower Floors
Each tower floor will set their own visitor options. If patients or visitors have questions about visitor options, please direct them to the nurse manager/charge nurse on that floor.

Each patient is allowed two visitors at a time.

Outpatient services and procedures
Each patient is allowed two visitors or support persons to accompany them for their procedure or service. 

Emergency Department
Each patient may have two visitors at a time. Switching of ED visitors will now be allowed.

Birthing Center/Pediatrics
During labor and delivery only, two support persons, such as a spouse, partner, sibling, or another person chosen by the patient (e.g. a Doula), may be allowed.

Postpartum, the mother may have two visitors at a time; sibling visitors may be under the age of 14.

Up to two parents may visit pediatric patients in the Level II nursery at a time.

One adult support person may remain with a patient in the Pediatric unit. If the child is in isolation, only parents, grandparents, or guardians may visit. Two visitors will be allowed at a time.

Mental Health
No visitors are allowed at this time.

In all areas, visitation exceptions will be allowed for end-of-life situations.