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Take the 2024 Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

Columbus Regional Health is conducting a Health Status Survey by telephone and online from March until May 27. Information gathered in this survey helps CRH identify and address our region’s most critical community health issues. CRH’s survey firm, PRC, will be phoning people with the caller ID of Col Regl Health. Please plan to participate in this anonymous survey.

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This Health Status Survey has been conducted every three years since 1996. It is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the service area of Columbus Regional Health (CRH.) The information gathered will be used to inform decisions and guide efforts by CRH and CRH’s Healthy Communities Initiative to improve community health and wellness, ensure adequate and equitable access to health services, and surface health disparities especially around families with children.


This assessment is a two-part process consisting of a phone and online community health survey of residents in CRH’s primary service area (Bartholomew County, ZIP Code 47274 in Jackson County and ZIP Code 47265 in Jennings County) and an online key informant survey of leaders and other individuals who can give insight into community health issues.

The community survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.  PRC aims to complete 400 phone surveys, and we hope to achieve 500 online surveys, This cycle, we plan to survey people from all across the commity by reaching out to many different micro-communities, thanks to the work of our Mental Health Ambassadors. Surveys are available in both English and Spanish.


The Healthy Communities Initiative began in 1994 with the goal of improving the health and quality of life of all residents of Bartholomew County. A collaborative effort from its inception, Healthy Communities has grown to reflect the entire spectrum of the community involving Columbus Regional Health, schools, businesses, local government, churches, and others working together to address identified health needs. While much of our work still takes place in Bartholomew County, we have now expanded our reach to the wider CRH Service Area; which also includes parts of Jackson & Jennings counties.  

With the guidance of our Healthy Communities Council, we use the tri-annual Community Health Needs Assessment to form a strategy to improve the health of our community. Our team is divided into action teams that focus on the priority areas identified. Our teams work collaboratively with community partners to move the needle on important health issues like infant mortality prevention, tobacco cessation and more. We aim to make changes to our systems and structures that make it easier to make the healthy choice.

Financial support for Healthy Communities is made possible through generous gifts of individuals, businesses, churches, and donations to Columbus Regional Health Foundation.


The Healthy Communities Initiative is working to make a difference in the health of your region through the work of our action teams. The driving force behind these groups is a commitment to a vision of your region as a healthy community where each member is valued and shares in the responsibility of making a difference.