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    Office hours for CRH-affiliated practices and service lines for the 2021 holiday season.
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    • Lab Molecular team_news
    The Lab Molecular Team – comprised of Medical Laboratory Scientists – is responsible for putting together and processing the COVID Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in-house tests. PCR is a technique used to amplify, or copy, small segments of DNA. After the team was trained in molecular testing, they started running an average of 50-80 patient tests per day. It reached up to 300 per day, and today it is between 200 and 250.
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    • ionteam
    The ION program is just a piece of the comprehensive lung disease and lung cancer diagnosis and treatment options available at Columbus Regional Health.
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    • INspire[1]
    Columbus Regional Health was recognized by the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA), in partnership with Governor Eric J. Holcomb and State Health Commissioner Kris Box, M.D., FACOG, for its commitment to infant and maternal health through the second annual INspire Hospital of Distinction recognition program.
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    • TAVR Team
    TAVR is used to treat a condition called aortic stenosis, which means the heart may have to work too hard to pump blood through the small valve opening to the rest of your body.
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    Nathaniel Diener is an Advanced EMT and has worked at CRH for just over seven years. Nathaniel works at each of the four EMS stations. He typically works nights, which he said is a time there are often transfers waiting to go to a variety of places.
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    Linda Robbins-Ping describes her role as a “Jack of all trades.” As a quality programs clinical assistant, she is “on the phone a lot,” following with patients after they have been seen in the ED, contacting patients who have tested positive for COVID after having a test at CRH, and working to schedule patients for routine exams.
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    Chief Financial Officer Grant Byers joined Columbus Regional Health in March after serving six years as CFO of a four-hospital health system in Valdosta, Georgia. Indiana is where he has spent most of his life and wanted to be, so when the opportunity arose to join CRH, he was glad to be returning home. “Coming back to Indiana was important,” he said.
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    • Grow Older

    The Happy, Healthy way to Grow Older

    by Delilah Newton | Nov 23, 2021
    Rooted in research on mood and well-being, the positive aging movement aims to help more people than ever shine in their golden years. No matter how old you are, you can join it. These everyday steps can help you stay sharp and continue pursuing your passions.
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