Careers at Columbus Regional Health

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Why Work for Us?

We believe that everyone in our community deserves the finest healthcare. And in order to make true on this belief, we're committed to hiring the brightest and best employees.

We believe that if we can be better, we must be better. And that's what makes Columbus Regional Health consistently recognized as a top-quality Indiana healthcare system.

Our Culture of Excellence

Our staff works as a team of physicians, nurses, volunteers, therapists, pharmacists, clinicians, managers, administrators, and support staff — as well as our Board of Trustees — redefining what it means to provide the best in healthcare.

We're inspired to stay abreast of the newest medical technologies and procedures, and to strive for constant improvements. This pursuit of excellence has also led us to national recognition and benchmark performance in many areas.

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Bartholomew County Hospital in early 20th Century

A Tradition of Caring and Healing

The proud history of Columbus Regional Health began as Bartholomew County Hospital. Today, our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation has made us one of the leading medical centers in Indiana.

The hospital was the first county hospital to be constructed under a 1913 Indiana law enabling counties to issue bonds for building a hospital to serve the local community. The result: a 32-bed facility Bartholomew County Hospital opened its doors to patients on February 6, 1917.

Throughout our history, we have had strong board leadership to guide the growth and innovation that has made us the regional medical center that provides the high quality, compassionate care we are known for today.

Benefits for every stage in life

We are committed to being a great place to work, and part of this commitment is to provide our employees with benefits and support at every stage of their life and career. Whether your need is child care, personal conveniences, health services or a multitude of other kinds of assistance, we have resources to support you.


Healthcare Professionals

At Columbus Regional Health, our vision is to be your health and wellness partner for life, and that includes employing the best people for our medical career opportunities. You're in the medical field to make a difference. At Columbus Regional Health, you can.

We provide the supportive, flexible, family-like atmosphere you need to deliver high-level, challenging, and personalized care. That's one reason our employee satisfaction is rated among the highest of all hospitals nationwide. We are also ranked as one of the best places to work in Indiana.


Group of physicians

Medical Staff - 
Integral to Our Pursuit of Excellence

Working alongside the medical staff, we recognize our responsibility to care for patients and families, and we honor the trust patients and families place in us by providing dignity, comfort, and healing. We identify and implement national models of excellence to create an environment that provides the best patient outcomes and satisfaction and is the best place to practice medicine, work, and volunteer.

The medical staff with Columbus Regional Health is comprised of over 220 physicians, representing more than 40 different specialties; 93% have achieved board certification - compared to only 60% nationwide. Medical staff satisfaction and retention rates are consistently well above national norms, according to Pinnacle Health's annual survey.

Continuing Medical Education

When you are in the business of caring and saving lives, it is important to make continuous improvements. The continuing medical education program at Columbus Regional Health focuses on the lifelong learning commitments of physicians and other professionals who practice healthcare in the south central Indiana region.

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Providing innovative, high-quality nursing care is the fundamental cornerstone of our nursing practice. Through working collaboratively with physicians and various departments throughout our hospital, our nursing care unit is helping change and transform the way patient care is designed and delivered.

The delivery of nursing care occurs within an interdisciplinary clinical case management framework that provides a professional, collaborative, and collegial team approach with role differentiation and evidence-based nursing practice. Nurses at all levels of our organization provide strong and knowledgeable leadership, are visible, inspire others, and support professional nursing practice.

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

Continuing education is an integral part of professional nursing development, increasing the nurse's skills and knowledge to stay abreast of changing knowledge and technology. At Columbus Regional Hospital, we offer an evidence-based, comprehensive Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) program to assist our nurses in advancing their practice and careers.

At Columbus Regional Health, our allied health professionals are integral to our pursuit of excellence and critical to the delivery of innovative patient care services. Working as part of interdisciplinary teams alongside physicians, nurses, and other health care specialists, our allied health professionals make a difference every day.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our allied health professionals and provide professional development, advanced technology, resources, and ongoing support. Our opportunities include:

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Audiology
  • Clinical Dietetics
  • Cardiac Sonography
  • Emergency Medical Sciences (paramedic specific)
  • Histotechnology
  • Medical Technology
  • Polysomnographic Technology
  • Radiation Oncology/Dosimetry
  • Social Work

Hear what CRH Employees Have to Say

Jack's Story

Jack Banks is pretty familiar with what goes on inside the walls of Columbus Regional Health. He's been working here for 16 years in the CRH facilities department. In 2013, Jack discovered first-hand what it meant to be a patient at CRH after a sudden life-threatening cardiovascular incident occurred. Today, Jack has a new appreciation for the work that goes on at Columbus Regional Health and feels very thankful to be alive.

Connection Specialists

WellConnect was born from our constant focus on innovation and the unending goal of providing a better health and wellness experience. Listen as our Connection Specialists discuss their varied roles at the center.

Navigating healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing and stressful thanks to the expertise and passion of the Connection Specialists at WellConnect.

Why CRH?

Our employees and volunteers explain why they chose to work at CRH and why they continue to stay. "We have the autonomy to do what we want, make decisions," says RN Julie Brown. "It's not a job — it's interacting with patients, trying to help their day be better," explains Patient Representative Merlynn Bartlett. Adds David Banks, Tower 3 Care Partner, "If I do my part and everyone else does their part, we can't go wrong here."