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  • Healthy Tomorrow Winter 2020

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jan 22, 2020
    The winter 2020 edition of Healthy Tomorrow is here!
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  • From our heart to yours

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jan 22, 2020
    The Heart and Vascular Center at Columbus Regional Health offers comprehensive care—including heart attack diagnosis and treatment, heart surgery, cardiac procedures, interventional cardiology services, electrophysiology, cardiac rehabilitation and more —right in the region.
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  • Thanks for the memories, Twenty-Tens. Now, here's to the future

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jan 14, 2020
    As we envision and plan for the future, it is imperative that we reflect on the past and I find the beginning of each New Year an opportunity to do just that.
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  • VIMCare: Bringing Hope and Healing to Those in Need

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jan 03, 2020
    The clinic was founded as a community safety net for those who are uninsured or underinsured by Medicaid or HIP 2.0; however, within the walls of the clinic, so much more takes place.
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  • Learn About the A B C's of Safe Sleep

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jan 03, 2020
    Adhering to Safe Sleep Practices guidelines supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics is one way to prevent infant death. Follow the easy-to-remember ABC's of Safe Sleep to keep you and baby happy and healthy!
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