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  • Kids with Sleep Problems Face Risk of Hypertension

    by Delilah Newton | May 25, 2022
    Snoring occurs when your muscles relax and block your airway during sleep. Although the risk increases with age, children and even infants aren’t immune. Because kids’ breath is faster and shallower than adults’, apnea can cause a harmful buildup of carbon dioxide in their bloodstream.
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  • Three Exercises to Wake Up Sleepy Glutes

    by Delilah Newton | May 25, 2022
    Thanks to technology, modern life involves a lot of sitting—and many of us have done more of that since the pandemic began than ever before. Sitting for long stretches can reduce the activation of your gluteal muscles. Over time, they atrophy and weaken.
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  • VIDEO: Baby Formula Shortage

    by Andrew Laker | May 24, 2022
    Pediatric Hospitalist Dr. Rachel Kerschner discusses the baby formula shortage and how to keep your baby healthy and safe.
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  • Medical Experts Advise Starting Colorectal Cancer Screenings at Age 45

    by Delilah Newton | May 18, 2022
    Most cancer screening tests, like those for breast and prostate cancer, help healthcare providers find and treat the disease early. Some tests for colorectal cancer, including colonoscopies, go farther. They can actually remove abnormal growths in your colon and rectum. These tests don’t just spot cancer, they may prevent it.
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  • The Powerful Benefits of Taking Vacations

    by Delilah Newton | May 05, 2022
    Vacationing offers a respite from the daily grind. Despite the perks, many people pass. Of more than three-fourths of Americans who have paid vacation days, fewer than half use them. Find out how to make the most of your break.
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