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  • Bringing Best Practices to the Bedside

    by Andrew Laker | Feb 23, 2017
    As a clinical nurse specialist at Columbus Regional Hospital, Kathy Jackson regularly makes the rounds to visit patients recovering from a wide range of medical conditions and surgical procedures. She works alongside other nurses to improve the quality of care and achieve the best possible outcomes.
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  • Pritikin: Reducing your chances of having a second heart attack

    by Andrew Laker | Feb 21, 2017
    When Linda Scheidt, 60, had a respiratory infection last winter, she went to her doctor and learned something surprising, not about her breathing, but about her heart.
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  • Winter 2017 issue of Healthy Tomorrow out now

    by Andrew Laker | Jan 17, 2017

    Check out the new look of our redesigned print edition, coming to a mailbox near you.

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  • Avoid the Risk of Falling

    by Andrew Laker | Jan 04, 2017
    It can happen in an instant. You miss a step, slip on a wet floor or suddenly lose your balance and tumble to the ground. If you’re lucky, you walk away with only a few bruises. What happens is often far more serious.
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  • Three Important questions to ask your sinus surgeon

    by Kelsey DeClue | Dec 09, 2016
    Sinusitis is a common problem with several treatment options, including Balloon Sinuplasty. Learn more about this in-office procedure offered at Columbus ENT and Allergy.
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