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  • VIDEO: Rhonda's Story

    by Andrew Laker | Jun 11, 2021
    Rhonda Taggert's lung screening came back clear, however sharp-eyed physicians on the Lung Nodule Review Board noticed blockage in her heart that required triple bypass surgery.
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  • Stress Less with the Anti-Anxiety Diet

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 08, 2021
    The old saying "you are what you eat" might be truer than we ever realized. Food directly affects your brain — and your mood. Are you giving your mind that top-of-the-line premium fuel, or is it simply running on fumes?
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  • A Message From Jim Bickel, CRH President & CEO

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 07, 2021
    When I think back over the past year and a half as our society continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, I remain in awe of the incredible show of collaboration, partnership and support that not only our organization, but our community as a whole, has demonstrated.
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  • Mindful Eating - Enjoy Your Food More (and Eat Less)

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 07, 2021
    Trying to eat healthier? Watching your weight? Regardless of motivation, it’s easy to take in more calories than you realize.
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  • MyChart: Accessing Your Secure Health Information

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 07, 2021
    Columbus Regional Health offers patients MyChart, a secure and private online system where you can access your health information and more by mobile app or computer.
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