When Every Second Counts: Heart Attack vs. Panic Attack

Woman with hand on her head.

Heart attacks and panic attacks might appear similar, but recognizing their differences can be a literal lifesaver. Read more for a comparison that might help.

Spotlight on CRH Occupational Health Services

Columbus Regional Health’s Occupational Health Services has been providing high-quality medical care for non-acute, work-related injuries and illnesses in downtown Columbus since 2019. The office is located at 237 Washington Street.

CRH at NexusPark: A New Hub for Health and Wellness

In January, Columbus Regional Health celebrated its grand opening of NexusPark, a modern, dynamic, and innovative community complex for health, wellness, and recreation. Learn about all the features, input, and thought that went into the design.

Folate Could Safeguard Your Health

Folate, a type of B vitamin, helps the body make new red blood cells. Not getting enough folate is a serious issue, as it can lead to anemia and other health problems.

Emma Grace Foundation Donates Wagons to NexusPark

Special thanks to the Emma Grace Foundation for generously donating wagons to NexusPark for pediatric patients to use.

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