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Expert Cancer Care, Close to Home

You do not have to travel far to receive world-class cancer care. At Columbus Regional Health’s Cancer Center, we are passionate about providing our patients with the latest advancements in treatment options close to home, so patients have the support of friends and family nearby.

In most cases, our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care allows us to provide all cancer treatments in one convenient location, including surgery, systemic therapy, and radiation therapy.

We also know how important it is for patients to see their physician quickly, so we focus on offering convenient, timely appointments to meet our patients’ needs.

We care about our patients and their family members and are here to provide the emotional and physical support they need throughout their cancer journey. It all adds up to great cancer care, right here in Columbus, Indiana.

Our Staff

A cancer diagnosis is stressful and life changing. Our staff understands this. So, there is no staff member here that isn’t enthusiastically committed to meeting your emotional, educational, and social needs; helping you progress from learning of your diagnosis, to learning about your diagnosis and how we will work together going forward. You’ll know what you need to do to help your cause, and you’ll know that we will help. Every step of the way. 

Our Cancer Care team includes radiation oncologist Mark Henderson, MD, and medical oncologist Nadeem Ikhlaque, MD, along with board certified radiation physicists, certified oncology nurses and certified radiation therapists. These experienced cancer specialists are also supported by a multidisciplinary team that includes nurse navigators, a registered dietitian, a full-time oncology pharmacist, and a social worker.

Experienced Care

Each year, our Cancer Center performs nearly 12,000 chemotherapy/ immunotherapy and/or radiation treatments for nearly all forms of cancer. A patient’s care may include a combination of any of the three major treatment types — surgery, chemotherapy/immunotherapy, and radiation. All of these are provided under one roof and on an outpatient basis, when applicable, to make things as convenient as possible for patients.

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How We Compare

As specialists in our field, we have long been focused on studying and achieving the best results possible when it comes to cancer care. Treatment at our facility rivals any you might find in a larger metropolitan area, but gives you the advantage of having the people who love and support you close at hand. Staying close to home can also reduce the burden for you that repeated travel can become during a trying time. In short, we’re state-of-the-art and easy to get to.

The continuous care model we employ means that a single team of doctors and healthcare personnel work with a patient throughout the entire treatment and recovery process.

Free valet parking is available for our patients and visitors when they arrive at the main hospital entrance at 2400 East 17th Street. It’s a small thing we can do to make things a little easier for you.

Throughout a patient’s care here, a registered dietitian will provide consultations, assessments, and ongoing education to achieve the nutritional needs of a body that’s fighting cancer.

An activity coordinator on staff sees to it that patients’ lives are enhanced with plenty of rehabilitative activities to choose from at the Cancer Center.

Early detection of cancer significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. On behalf of everyone in this community, The Cancer Center hosts a variety of screening events annually.

We are accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer. Approval by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) is given only to facilities that have voluntarily committed to provide the best cancer diagnoses and treatment. (Only one in four Cancer Centers nationwide receives this recognition.) A comprehensive list of cancer-related services the Cancer Center is accredited for can be found at the Commission on Cancer website.

Marilnn Rondot.

Marilnn's Story

Marilnn Rondot was referred to medical oncologist Dr. Nadeem Ikhlaque after surgery. “Dr. Ikhlaque, I think, walks on water,” she said. “He was just wonderful; he was patient.”

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Our Oncologists

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