Should you get the new COVID vaccine? What you need to know

As COVID continues to remain a part of our daily lives, medical experts at Columbus Regional Health recommend that anyone age 5 years and up receive the 2023–2024 updated COVID-19 vaccine, to protect against serious illness.

Athletic Trainers Making an Impact

CRH athletic trainer tending to an athlete.

Columbus Regional Health has partnered with local high schools to become the official provider of sports medicine, athletic training services, and competition coverage.

Unbiased Information About Medicare Open Enrollment Options

Navigating Medicare can be challenging. Our Connection Specialists offer assistance with Medicare Open Enrollment to residents of Columbus and its surrounding communities…for FREE!

Why Might I Need a Lung Screening CT?

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) has the ability to screen for lung cancer and identify it in the early stages. Timely identification and diagnosis of lung cancer is the key to long term survival. In recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, CRH is proud to offer reserved appointments for patients needing a first time lung scan.

What Is Sepsis?

According to the Global Sepsis Alliance, sepsis is the leading cause of death following an infection, but with early detection and proper treatment, deadly consequences can be diminished. These FAQs aim to demystify the often misunderstood and unrecognized deadly complication to infection.

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