Safety Measures to Prevent Respiratory Illnesses

Whether you call it cold or flu season, you’re not wrong – respiratory illness season is well upon us. This year specifically, cases of flu, COVID and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) are on the rise, and it is possible to contract multiple viral infections at the same time.

VIDEO: Lung Cancer Awareness

Dr. Stephen Matthews and Dr. Deep Sharma.

In this video, Dr. Deep Sharma, Interventional Pulmonologist at the Lung Institute, and Dr. Stephen Matthews, Interventional Radiologist, discuss how to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Weight Loss Institute Team Adds Surgical Robot

The Weight Loss Institute of Columbus Regional Health is revolutionizing weight loss surgery with a groundbreaking addition to its surgical toolkit – the da Vinci Surgical System robot.

Three Stretches to Start Your Morning

All night, you slept snug as a bug. But come morning, your muscles and joints feel tight and achy. A few simple stretches after your alarm rings can ease tension and pain, boost blood flow, clear your mind and jump-start your day. And another perk? You can even do them in bed!

Should I Consider a Lung Scan?

Columbus Regional Health has the ability to screen for lung cancer and identify it in early stages. Timely identification and diagnosis of lung cancer is the key to long term survival.

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