What is Non-Surgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Who is a Good Candidate?

The Weight Loss Institute of Columbus Regional Health offers a Non-Surgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss (NMSWL) program. This program is a physician-supervised weight loss program that provides a weight loss alternative to bariatric surgery.

Fruit and Veggie Summer Salad

Kick your summer up a notch by adding veggies and swapping out store-bought creamy dressing with a delicious homemade vinaigrette. Make it your own by choosing your favorite fruits and veggies to include in the bowl.

How to Protect Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being

A growing number of children and teens are struggling with their mental health. Many have experienced depression, anxiety, and loneliness—leading to an increased risk for suicide in some. These feelings don’t always manifest in ways you expect. Use these strategies to give them the support they need.

Men Aren’t as Healthy as They Think

Most men think they’re healthier than the average guy according to a new national survey of about 900 men. The same survey found one-third of men don’t think they need annual health screenings. This false sense of health can prove harmful.

Pregunta a un Profesional

Existen 3 diferentes localizaciones donde puedes asistir cuando tienes un problema médico: La oficina de tu médico familiar, una clínica local para urgencias o el Departamento de emergencias en el Hospital.

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