February, 2022 - Kyra Betts

by Andrew Laker | Mar 09, 2022

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“My wife and I were expecting our first child at Columbus Regional Health Birthing Center. My wife had been induced almost 24 hours before we met Nurse Kyra Betts. My wife was in significant pain from the induction (Foley Bulb) and from her contractions. It was extremely physically and emotionally draining for her. 

Nurse Kyra Betts was critical to helping my wife and me through the labor process. She was a calm and reassuring presence in the room. She was very clear about what we had to do to help push the baby and why it was important for the baby and the birthing process. She was a great leader in the delivery room and helping guide me and my wife’s sister to hold my wife’s legs and helped instruct us to work with my wife through each contraction. Nurse Betts coached my wife for almost an hour of intense contractions all the way to our baby girl’s crowning.

Due to her calm attitude and clear instruction, she made the birthing process very easy and relaxing. She was exactly the nurse we needed on that day. I can’t speak highly enough about her help. I hope every patient and or couple realizes how lucky they are to have her assist in their birthing process.  
Our experience at Columbus Regional Health was made fantastic by her dedication and caring personality!

— Nominated by Robert R.

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