March, 2022 - Morgan Dilling

by Joel Philippsen | Apr 20, 2022

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“People choose nursing as a career for many reasons. A desire to care for others, kindness, understanding, compassion, calmness, skill, and knowledge are characteristics needed to be an extraordinary nurse. In my time as a patient and volunteer at Columbus Regional Health, I have been cared for and worked with many nurses. One of the nurses who has all of the characteristics to be an extraordinary nurse is Morgan. Morgan is a nurse in Endoscopy. She is skillful, dedicated, and devoted. Whether she is working as a pre-op nurse, a procedure nurse, a post-op nurse or a charge nurse, Morgan places the needs of the patient above all else. Her desire to give patients the best possible experience is evident in everything she does.

            Recently I was a patient in Endoscopy and Morgan was the charge nurse. I arrived at the hospital after a night of prep. I was tired, thirsty and hungry. When I arrived in my room there was a sign hanging on the wall that Morgan had made. It brightened my day and warmed my heart. As a volunteer in Endoscopy for several years, I have seen firsthand the care Morgan gives to all of her patients. I have heard comments of patients as I have taken them to their vehicles. I have seen and heard the respect Morgan has earned from her fellow staff members and others in the hospital. Morgan’s love for others shines brightly at Christmas. Morgan loves Christmas and she works hard, often on her own time and using her own funds to decorate the unit giving it a festive look. It is greatly appreciated by those who visit and work there. If the DAISY Award is given to extraordinary nurses who strive to make the hospital experience the best it can be for patients, visitors and staff, I can think of no one more deserving than Morgan.”

— Nominated by John Brooks (Volunteer and Patient)

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