May, 2022 - Stephanie Redfield

by Andrew Laker | Jun 16, 2022

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“I recently found myself in the Columbus Regional ICU and required Open Heart By-Pass surgery. I had never had heart issues and had never been in the hospital for anything this serious. This issue caused great personal stress to me. During my time there I met many qualified nurses and even more qualified physicians. I am so grateful for all of their help. However, one nurse in particular stood out to me and was so helpful, kind, encouraging and loving that I would like to nominate her for the Extraordinary Nurses Program. Her name is Stephanie Redfield working in ICU. She attended to me during 3 of her particular shifts. Unbeknownst to her, I was trying to cope with some anxiety frustration that I found myself in this position and complete lack of knowledge to know what to expect. She was so kind and courteous making every effort to make my stay as comfortable as possible. She answered a lot of questions that I had and volunteered certain activities that would benefit my recovery. She spent time in conversation with me, while I’m sure she had other patients to attend to. I feel I was so blessed to have her there. I feel like I’ve made potentially a lifelong friend. She is exceptional at her job and it’s my hope that she is recognized as a stellar performer.” 

— Nominated by Jerry S.

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