February, 2023 - Jane Pringle, RN, 6T

by Andrew Laker | Mar 06, 2023

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“A patient with both mental health and medical needs was admitted to the floor. Jane was the nurse for this patient. She was very caring and non-judgmental. She had a nursing intuition that something was wrong with this patient. MD’s notes acknowledged that this patient had complained of abdominal pain. Jane passed this on to the day shift that the patient had pain and it should be further evaluated.

When coming back into work the next night, Jane had this patient again. Nursing continuity with patients is important. Further assessment showed the patients pain had worsened over the day.

She notified the night MD Dr. Basra, who came to the bedside immediately. Scans were taken of the patient. Dr. Basra consulted the OR surgeon. The patient was taken to emergency surgery in the middle of the night. This patient received the care that was needed before he went into septic shock.

Jane was an excellent advocate for this patient who was not capable of advocating for himself. This patient was well taken care of by a caring, knowledgeable and professional nurse. She did an incredible job! ”

— Jennifer London, RN (staff)

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