April, 2023 - Kristin Miller, RN, Nursing Resources

by Andrew Laker | May 10, 2023

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

We are so proud of the amazing work Kristin has done with a patient on 3T. This patient has a learning disability and has had a very challenging recovery process. Where so many have not been able to connect with this patient and get them to meet goals, Kristin has. Kristin created an incentive reward process that resonated with them. Kristin created a “mailbox” for this patient and helped them walk several times per day to collect cards and letters.

If there were no cards sent to the patient, Kristin made certain there were gifts available to the patient. This patient had their birthday while hospitalized and Kristin worked with the entire team to make the day special. A birthday banner in the hall, a special sports themed gift, plus bringing several team members together to cheer this patient on as they made their laps helped make this birthday special.

Kristin has also been an amazing advocate for this patient and has enlisted the help of several members of the healthcare team to get this patient the dedicated level of care they deserve. Because of Kristin’s determination and compassion, this patient is finally moving towards recovery and has a system in place that works for them. Thank you so much Kristin for your compassion and innovation in providing quality care!”

— Ashley Dwyer and Nick Muir (WOCN staff)

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