June, 2023 - Briana Richart, RN, LDRP

by Andrew Laker | Jul 12, 2023

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“Briana was training with Lacie, RN when I delivered my daughter. This was my first baby and I was so scared. Bri made sure I had everything I needed. She answered all of my questions and if she didn’t know an answer she would quickly find out for me. She held my hand through my epidural and provided words of encouragement.

She also did a lot of small things that made a huge impact, including bringing me two jello’s instead of one. She was confident in her care she was providing, even though she was still in training. She stayed with me the entire time I was pushing and never seemed bothered.

The one thing she did that I will never forget is when I became the most scared and was crying in pain and fear, she did not say anything, but rather reached down and grabbed my hand and just held it. She held my hand for quite a while, until I calmed down and my baby was born. I will never forget that! Holding her hand was so comforting to me in that moment. I appreciate her so much! !”

— Nominated by Kylee M. (patient)

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