July, 2023 - Susanne Boyd, RN Cardiology

by Andrew Laker | Aug 22, 2023

Please share your story of why your nurse is so special:

“I am a Physician Assistant who recently had a pacemaker insertion. At my initial pacemaker interrogation appointment, I was happily greeted by 'Suzy' RN who was to perform the service. She expressed quite the passion for service, was extremely professional in all matters, strived to educate me about my device, went over the whole interrogation process, presented my results and outlined my follow up care. All of this with a great smile and high energy to make sure I understood my device and the support of the CRH cardiac care team. If I was a non-healthcare professional I would have understood everything she was doing and would have been glad she was my nurse. As a healthcare professional, I remain convinced CRH provides a high level of excellence to its patient population. Suzy is an outstanding representative of CRH’s dedication to its patients and the CRH 'Center of Excellence' in Columbus, IN. Please give her my utmost appreciation for her nursing service and dedication to the cardiac patients. ”

— Nominated by a CRH patient

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