There's a Health App for that: Medical / Health Apps (Part 3)

This is the third post in our blog series: There's a Health App for that. To view the first post in the series click here.

Medical / Health Apps:

This last category of apps is kind of a catch-all for the other apps that don’t fit into either wearables or fitness, yet still serve a high degree of usefulness when it comes to overall health.  There are so many aspects of our lives where it would be nice to have a quick reminder or a little bit more information in a time of need.  Below are some examples of apps that I keep on my phone for those just-in-case moments or when I need some extra info to make a quick decision.

  1. First Aid – A great app to have on you when traveling and are unfamiliar with surroundings. This app uses GPS to locate the nearest hospital in case there is an emergency that requires immediate care. The app provides a quick guide for emergency first aid and has videos to guide you through a situation if needed, or for proactive learning.  (Available for free on Apple iOS and Android)

     first aid

  2. Medisafe – I like to think of this app as the app that I had no idea I needed.  For those of you that take one or more medications per day, this app is for you.  Medisafe serves as a virtual pillbox that reminds you when to take your medications at different times of the day through notifications sent to your phone. The app allows you to select the dosage, shape and color of each pill and then program what time of day you should take that medication. There’s even a reporting tool built into the app to show how consistent you have been at taking your medication on time. (Available for free on  Apple iOS, Android and Amazon)


  3. Lose It! – If you are into calorie counting, lose weight or just making sure you are eating the right kinds of food throughout the day, this app may be for you. The app allows you to input all of the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day along with your exercise stats and calculates your net gain or loss in calories. Users are able to access a large database of specific foods that list the amount of calorie counts. It also has access to a wide variety of restaurant menu items to help you make the healthy choice when out and about. I particularly like the bar code scanner that allows for you to use the app to snap a picture of a bar code of a food and easily input it.  (Available for free on Apple iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle and the web / paid upgrades available for advanced features)
    lose it

This content was originally presented during one of our monthly WellConnect Lunch and Learns.  Click here to learn more about WellConnect.

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