Nurse Practitioners Extend Care, Expertise and Compassion

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) is introducing a new model of care in some Columbus Regional Health Physicians offices and at Columbus Regional Hospital to improve the services we provide to patients. As part of this model, nurse practitioners and physicians work as a team to care for patients.

Janna Nickoll, NP-C., spent 21 years at the bedside caring for patients before she earned her graduate degree as a nurse practitioner specializing in family practice. She now works with Amanda Dornfeld, M.D., at Sandcrest Family Medicine. Here she explains more about how they deliver care as a team.

Janna Nickoll, NP
 Janna Nickoll, NP-C.

Q: How does this model work?

A: In some practices, physicians and nurse practitioners work side by side treating their own panel of patients. In this new model, Dr. Dornfeld and I work together to care for her assigned patients. Dr. Dornfeld is able to have a larger group of patients because we work together.

Q: How do you work with Dr. Dornfeld?

A: My workspace is next to Dr. Dornfeld’s, and we collaborate often throughout the day. We share the same philosophy and approach to patient care. With us working as a team, it’s easier for patients to get appointments for urgent or follow-up care.

Q: How do patients benefit from this collaboration?

A: Patients get used to seeing both of us. They feel comfortable because they know Dr. Dornfeld and I work as a team, and I’m an extension of her care, expertise and compassion.

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