Some reasons why we support a stronger bias crimes law for Indiana

Certainly, there are many reasons Columbus Regional Health sees the importance of supporting a comprehensive bias/hate crimes law, but it all goes back to the need for Indiana and its communities to more proactively establish a welcoming identity. Companies statewide must recruit from all over in order to successfully fill and expand business opportunities that are, in turn, vital to Indiana’s economy. 

Columbus Regional Health is no different. Our organization recruits talent from across the country and internationally to provide the care so desperately needed in our community. Policies that imply our state isn’t welcoming of all – such as a weak hate crimes law – create obstacles within an already fiercely competitive industry, for recruiting and perhaps more importantly, retaining top talent. 

The most successful recruitment process connects the physician with not only a rewarding career, but a life and a sense of community they and their loved ones can feel comfortable with and supported by. 

When we welcome a new professional to our organization, we’re also welcoming them to our community. It is imperative that Columbus Regional Health be able to recruit top professionals in a variety of clinical fields. Within our own organization we value a culture that welcomes diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. We know it creates a welcoming environment, allows us to adapt and innovate the way we deliver care, and improves the breadth and depth of quality services that we’re able to bring to this community and surrounding areas. 

As healthcare stewards, our teams are dedicated to delivering personalized care that is best for each patient’s unique needs and wishes, and that includes respecting and honoring ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation and gender identity differentiators. In the same way, legislators need to make a bold move to more clearly and comprehensively support and encourage Indiana’s diversity.

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