Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for Patients

by Delilah Newton | Dec 14, 2020

Are you in isolation or quarantine because of a COVID-positive test or exposure and wondering when to seek care?

In urgent or emergency situations you should always seek immediate medical attention; just let our care teams know about your positive result upon arrival. If you are symptomatic and have a procedure or service already  scheduled with us, please contact your physician or the office that scheduled your service, and inform them of your positive result with symptoms. The care team will advise you of your best approach to care during your time of isolation. 

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 but are not experiencing symptoms?

Columbus Regional Health is pleased to offer several options for you to keep on top of your health and medical appointment safely. Contact your physician or service center and the care team will assess what’s best for you during your time of isolation. We also offer virtual appointments for a variety of primary and specialty care needs.

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Quarantine guidelines chart.

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