CRH Workforce Spotlight: Alice Skinner

by Delilah Newton | Jan 20, 2021
Alice SkinnerWhen asked about a specific memory she has of working at Columbus Regional Health, Alice Skinner was emotional in her response. The memory she shared was of the 2008 flood, and her emotions were of gratitude.

Columbus Regional Health leadership’s response to the flood was a moment that solidified CRH as the place Alice wanted to work until her retirement. “It was obviously a very stressful time for everyone – I do applaud Jim Bickel and the Board of Trustees for assuring everyone that they would have jobs with the organization. From then on it became clearer that this is an organization that I can stay with and complete my career and retire here,” said Alice. “It was proven during that time that this organization cares about the community and cares about its employees.”

The flood isn’t the only memory Alice shared from her 40-year career at CRH. Alice joined Bartholomew County Hospital in 1980 as a lab technologist after graduating from college. She enjoyed the time when Bartholomew County Hospital transitioned to Columbus Regional Hospital as well as the construction of the new tower floors. “That was really neat to watch the construction going on and still come in and doing your job every day and watching our new hospital and our new organization being formed,” she said.

Following her role as a Lab Technologist, Alice transitioned into a department analyst (though remained in the Laboratory department) working on the Lab module implementation of the Cerner electronic medical record system. When the hospital began the conversion from Cerner to Epic, she joined IS as one of the three analysts who supported the development of the Lab module within Epic. 

As Alice started approaching retirement, she wanted a change in her career, and she wanted one that would allow her to be on her feet moving. A second-shift job cleaning in the Endoscopy Center fit the bill perfectly. “Being three years away from retirement, I just wanted to find a job that would allow me to work a different shift and more importantly add a lot more physical activity to my day.”

Throughout her career, Alice has enjoyed the people she works with and the opportunities she has had to move into new roles. While she looks forward to retiring in a couple years, she values both the organization and the people she has worked with the past 40 years. “The relationships that I have formed with many employees, I have really appreciated those relationships.”

Alice, we appreciate you and congratulate you on your 40 years of service and your not-too-distant retirement!

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