• Getting Around CRH Just Got Easier

    by Delilah Newton | May 30, 2018
    To make access to Columbus Regional Hospital as easy and convenient as possible, several changes have been enacted over the past few months.
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  • What to Expect During a Colonoscopy

    by Andrew Laker | May 22, 2018
    While a colonoscopy may not be the most pleasant health screening you’ll ever have, it is one of the best tools to diagnose colorectal cancer. Your doctor can remove polyps, if you have any, during the same procedure. Here’s what you can expect.
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  • Infographic: What Every Woman Should Know

    by Andrew Laker | May 03, 2018
    At Columbus Regional Health we understand how important it is for you to take the very best care of your health. Please use the following information as a guideline for scheduling your tests and exams.
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  • Expert Video Series: All About Sepsis

    by Andrew Laker | Apr 06, 2018

    Dr. Lee Kiser explains how sepsis occurs in the body, what to watch for with infections, how to prevent sepsis and more.

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  • A Whole New Take on Eating Green

    by Kelsey DeClue | Apr 06, 2018
    Less is more when it comes to eating your way toward a healthier Earth.
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