• Stroke Symptoms in Women

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 01, 2021
    While you may have had normal blood pressure most of your life, a woman's chance of developing high blood pressure increase considerably after menopause. High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke and is the most controllable risk factor for stroke. Learn the warning signs and act fast.
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  • VIDEO: Women's Heart Health

    by Andrew Laker | May 25, 2021
    Dr. Melinda Hunnicutt discusses the common myths surrounding women's heart health, signs to watch for that might mean there's a problem and how to keep your heart healthy.
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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Approved for Children Ages 12 and Older

    by Delilah Newton | May 12, 2021
    The COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is now approved for adolescents that are 12-17 years of age. Learn how to register your eligible child for the vaccine and review a list of frequently asked questions.
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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Options: How are they similar; how are they different?

    by Kelsey DeClue | May 12, 2021

    Regardless of their differences, the three vaccines currently available have one thing in common -- they are all very effective at preventing severe and even moderate illness from contracting the virus that causes COVID-19.
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  • Columbus Regional Health Offers Athletic Physicals

    by Delilah Newton | Apr 28, 2021
    Doctors highly recommend getting a sports physical to catch possible health problems that can make physical activity dangerous, and Indiana requires them before a child can start a new sport or begin a new competitive season. CRH is offering various options and locations for athletic physicals this year.
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