• Making mental health a priority for children and adolescents

    by Kelsey DeClue | Mar 15, 2021
    While we all continue to struggle with the aftermath of the pandemic in many ways, young people have had an especially hard time coping with the implications to emotional well-being and mental health.
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  • How to Stave Off Pandemic Fatigue

    by Delilah Newton | Mar 10, 2021
    Masks, sanitizer, cleaning supply shortages … we get it, it’s a lot. And some of us have had enough. Whether you call it coronavirus burnout or pandemic fatigue, it’s real — and it’s affecting our health and our ability to stop the virus. Here's how to fight back against pandemic fatigue.
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  • Affordable Care Act Insurance: Am I Eligible?

    by Kelsey DeClue | Mar 05, 2021

    With the recent Executive Order enacted by President Biden, HealthCare.gov recently opened the ACA Marketplace on February 15 for a “special enrollment period” to run until May 15, 2021. This will give individuals who are not eligible for employer-based insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare an opportunity to sign up for Marketplace health insurance.
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  • Buffy's Story - Surviving Breast Cancer

    by Andrew Laker | Feb 23, 2021
    Columbus resident and daycare owner Buffy Shelton was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late summer of 2020. She discusses her positive experiences with breast surgeon Dr. Carlos Vieira and the staff at Columbus Regional Health Breast Surgery.
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  • How to Improve Mask Protection

    by Delilah Newton | Feb 19, 2021
    Correct and consistent mask use is a critical step everyone can take to prevent getting and spreading COVID-19. However, not all masks provide the same protection. When choosing a mask, look at how well it fits, how well it filters the air, and how many layers it has.
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