• Kid-Friendly Staples for the School Year

    by Kelsey DeClue | Sep 24, 2019
    Stock your fridge and cabinets with these healthy staples to make morning lunch-box packing and after-school snacking a breeze for the kiddos.
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  • Apple Coffee Cake

    by Delilah Newton | Sep 24, 2019
    Fall is here and that means apple season is upon us. Whether you visit an orchard to pick your own apples or you buy them from a local farm stand, fresh apples are the most tasty this time of year. Try them in this delicious, low-fat apple coffee cake recipe.
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  • What Does Limb Preservation Mean for You?

    by Kelsey DeClue | Sep 03, 2019
    At Columbus Regional Health, we are committed to working with at-risk patients to avoid amputation whenever possible and help them manage their condition and improve their quality of life.
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  • Kidney Disease: What you need to know

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jul 29, 2019
    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the gradual loss of kidney function. When CKD reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid and wastes can build up in your body.
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  • Make Time for Well-Child Visits

    by Kelsey DeClue | Jul 03, 2019
    In addition to "relax and have fun," don't forget to put "schedule a well-child visit" on your summer to-do-list. Recommended for infants, children and teens, these medical appointments are the time for vaccinations, important health screenings and a check of your child's development. It's also a good time for you to ask questions and voice concerns.
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