• From Head to Toe: How Alcohol Affects Women

    by Delilah Newton | Jul 13, 2022
    Whether on the heart, the liver, or overall health, alcohol certainly has an effect—and one that women feel differently than men. Here’s what it does to the body.
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  • Keep Kids Safe and Happy Outdoors

    by Delilah Newton | Jul 06, 2022
    Many outdoor pleasures carry health risks for children. Take precautions to help them avoid hazards. Get tips on keeping your kids safe from bug bites, sunburn and heat exposure, and from swimming accidents.
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  • Easing into Plant-Based Eating

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 30, 2022
    If you’re thinking about giving up meat, you’re more likely to embrace your new diet with a gradual transition. Adding more plants to your plate slowly allows you to find foods you enjoy, making for a more pleasant, and tastier, experience.
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  • Who is Likely to Develop a Difficult Wound?

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 09, 2022
    The people most likely to develop a non-healing wound are those with either arterial or venous disease as well as people with neuropathy.
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  • VIDEO: Stroke 101 - Awareness and Prevention

    by Andrew Laker | Jun 01, 2022
    Dr. Mark Guffey and Michelle Sink, RN discuss the two main types of strokes and how to recognize them.
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