Healthy and Thriving: Cheryl's Story

Cheryl Kenyon, 63, has always advocated for health. A social worker for the past 40 years, she is committed to giving her clients the tools to live healthy lives. To support them, she has been committed to caring for herself.

Without fail, Kenyon got yearly mammograms from the Breast Health Center at Columbus Regional Health. In October 2013, her routine screening showed a mass. The discovery worried her, but she was thankful that she had always been diligent about getting her annual mammogram.

Kenyon went through a series of additional testing that confirmed the mass was breast cancer. She would need surgery to have the mass removed.

Being told surgery is necessary can leave anyone feeling anxious. Yet Kenyon went into surgery feeling confident. She credits the Breast Health Center nurse navigator Tammy Creech, R.N., with easing her fears along the way.

Creech explained to Kenyon everything that would happen before, during and after surgery. The nurse navigator made sure Kenyon spoke with everyone on her surgery team and understood her care plan.

Fortunately, her surgery went smoothly. Kenyon experienced no complications and went home that same night to Blossom Valley Farm, the horse farm in Brown County where she lives with her husband, Thomas.

Kenyon says her follow-up care has been professional and meticulous. Surgery was followed by two to three months of radiation treatments done daily during her lunch hour. She never missed a day of work post-surgery.

Kenyon is thankful to have her treatment done at such a high-quality Cancer Center right here in Columbus.

“I’m very grateful for my good health and the great medical help I received,” she said. “Every step of the way my treatment was professional. The interactions were personal, and everyone had a great bedside manner. As a social worker, those attitudes and behaviors are important to me.”

Kenyon is now in remission and enjoying her time with the Clydesdales on Blossom Valley Farm. She’s back riding and preparing the horses for shows and fairs and continuing to care for her clients and herself. 

Columbus Regional Health is proud to have treated and supported many breast cancer survivors in our community. Women should have regular mammograms starting at age 40. To schedule yours, call the Breast Health Center at 812-376-5064. Learn more at

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